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At Global Currency Travel and Tours, we provide travel service that goes above and beyond our clients' expectations. Our goal is to provide a very personalized travel experience to our clients at all time.

Trust us for the best in Online Ticketing and Flight ReservationHotel Reservation at Your Exact Budget, Holiday and Tour Packages, Airport Protocol and Pick-up, and so much more quality service in the area of Traveling and Tours.

Global Currency Travel and Tours  caters to clients; making travel easy, worry-free and affordable. With years of practical experience and expertise, we guide you through the maze of options and opportunities to make everything fun, fantastic and memorable. We'll never waste your time or money. We take your vacation to new heights.

Global Currency Travel and Tours listens to you and respects your budgets when you request for any of our services. We respond to your request promptly and professionally to all concerns and work tirelessly to ensure all your needs has been addressed.

Our clients' positive comments continually build up our reputation to new heights. Let's know your traveling needs or dreams and we'll guide you through an exceptional experience!

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